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Email is one of those technologies that is incredibly important, but often misunderstood.  There are web companies that will tell you a hotmail or gmail account is good enough.  This isn't the case for a variety of reasons. Though they boast impressive inbox sizes, they do not appropriately represent your company or offer any kind of direct support.

What's the big deal about having email 

Every time you send an email to someone you're representing your business.  The care and attention you take to this first step is speaks volumes about your business.  If you're relying on third party, free technologies and it stops working for whatever reason, there's often little to no ability to have it fixed.  It is critical email is treated with care. 

Don't gmail or hotmail have a support line?

Unfortunately they do not, at least not a publicly visible one.  But, how much support can one expect from a totally free service?  It works fine if you have no other options, but there are other options.  Which is why we include email services with our packages.

So Email is included?!

With all of our packages we include 5 email accounts to be used, and one account to manage them.  Additional accounts have a cost associated with them, but it's really quite minor. 

What can I call my accounts?

Assuming they're you can call them whatever you like. There are no restrictions.  We do have some suggestions however. 

What do you mean by 

Well, your domain is your unique address on the internet.  For example our domain is  No one else can have this.  Email accounts are always, or in our case

Why is Techweavers email so special?

We work incredibly hard to reduce the amount of spam our clients receive. We also work hard to make sure our servers are not on any RBL, or Relay Block List.

What's a Relay Block List?

A Relay Block List or "RBL" for short is a list of email accounts, domains, or IP's that meet the criteria for spam.  Many email servers check these lists and immediately block or ban everyone on them.  This ensures that someone sending to or from an email in an RBL does not get received a good portion of the time, and reduces the amount of spam on the internet. Free accounts are notorious for being used to send spam.

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Due To The Ongoing Disruption With Canada Post, Payments Should be made via E-Transfer, Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card or American Express.
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