Gmail blocking email

As of May 26 2023 We have seen a rise in Gmail bouncing valid messages with an invalid SPF record. No one should ever use a free mail service for their business email, but we cannot get around customers that are doing so. This means that everyone should have a valid SPF record for their email service. If you have asked us to create a domain verification for Google services or Outlook services, you may have to get your SPF record checked. This will be something each domain needs to look at.

There is no cost to you for us to look at and adjust your SPF record.

If you are forwarding your email to Gmail or you will begin to see your emails bounce back from these services. Even if the forwarded mail has a valid SPF record, The automation part of the forward may result in your email being flagged, or dropped altogether.

Again, no actual business should use a free email service for their email. Many of their servers are on blacklists and they will provide email to anyone.

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