SSL: Secure Socket Layer.

These days people are seeing a notice that the page they are viewing is either "secure" or not secure.
The "secure" page is noted by a small but distinctive lock in the browser bar. Without the lock the page is labeled as "Not secure." Not secure makes people think that there is something wrong with your site, where secure allows people to believe that their connection to the website is actually secure. If you believe that a picture of a lock actually makes you secure, you have larger issues with security.

Because people are actively looking for this lock and choosing a competitor when they do not see this lock we have added SSL certificates for all of the websites we manage. There is a nominal fee of 5$ per month for this certificate. Now some people will say that some certificates are "free". This is partially true, but the infrastructure to actually use these certificates is not free, and we have had to move all of our websites and the platform to a version of the operating system that can manage these certificates. In addition, these certificates need to be renewed every 3 months. This means more management time and costs.

If you have any questions, please contact our office and we would be happy to go over this aspect with you.

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